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Sep 27, 2012 6:00am EDT
, you know, when you look certainly at a city like los angeles, i think the partisan identity is very, very strong, so i think it's certainly a localized phenomenon, and economic stagnation will further kind of deepen and entrench other thing, so i think one of the kind of difficulties republicans face is that republicans really need more upward mobility in order to kind of make these inroads among latinos and also to move away from the idea that it's a single-issue constituency. this is why i keep thinking of this as an emergent strategy, but taxes, pretty big issue. now, when you're looking at the opportunity for a republican candidate who does well among households making over $100,000 in states like virginia and colorado, for example, romney's not actually strongly overperforming in this group. so you think, gosh, a tax cut message might resonate with them. the politics of taxes might change as the federal income tax basis changed. so when you look at, you know, there are many conservative folks who have talked about the idea of instead of just calling for more marginal tax cuts,
Sep 28, 2012 6:00am EDT
and washington, d.c., sure when industry's from wisconsin, organizations like the los angeles chamber of commerce in california, north carolina, saint business, and hundreds more. together these organizations represent tens of minutes of u.s. air travelers who are demanding improvements to our national air traffic control system through the implementation of nextgen technology, policies and procedures. we have already begun piecing together elements on the ground including a revolutionary around management system at jfk that has helped to minimize delays. we have done it in conjunction with our friends at the faa and airlines using jfk, in a very collaborative effort we have been very successful. we are working with the faa to expand the program to laguardia and newark airport. jfk alone, the system has saved nearly 5 million gallons of fuel and almost 15,000 hours of taxi time annually. over the last decade, our agency has invested more than a billion dollars to make airport operations on the ground more efficient. our initiatives have delivered. we've invested in building high speed taxiway, mi
Sep 8, 2012 2:00am EDT
of the machine-related gangster, johnny lanza, i think his name is. >> host: joe beatty from los angeles e-mails in to you, mr. pietrusza: why do you like louise brooks? in addition, what are your favorite historical movies? you listed louise -- >> guest: yeah. it was a favorite book. and that was because of the style of her writing and also it's such a surprise. it's such a surprise because here's this, basically, failed actress, and her book which is very n a way, very similar or her story to pat jordan's "a false spring" which is about baseball and a young guy who really has all the chances in the world given to him. and through sheer jerkiness runs themself out of a job. or maybe not a good curveball in his case, but louise brooks was beautiful and makes a lot of mistakes. and it's a tragedy. you know, the frank sinatra song, "i did it my way," she did it her way. it lasted for a while because she was young and beautiful but did not serve her well in the long run. but in the long run, sometimes there are second acts in life. maybe you are a roy hobbs in many different ways. and by god,
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3